Terms Of Service

All legal details regarding The Pixel Society


The Pixel Society Terms of Service what you can and cannot do with your Pixel Buddy NFT and your rights through purchasing/minting a Pixel Buddy NFT.

What we own

We own the name and intellectual property over The Pixel Society NFT project (The Pixel Society) by Pixel Society Limited. We own the rights for our own artwork, traits, layers as this is our creation, the individual NFT's that are generated will be uniquely owned by the minter or purchaser.

Your ownership rights

By purchasing a Pixel Buddy NFT you gain the rights to owning the NFT you have purchased with this you are able to use it in any way for recreational and artwork, we are not responsible for any legal liabilities and disputes which may occur through the recreation of our artwork. You can resell it on a secondary marketplace, show it off, print it and more. You own the rights to do whatever you want with your NFT.


We 'The Pixel Society' are not responsible for any taxes you may need to pay with reselling your Pixel Society NFT. Your personal gain you make in the NFT market is controlled by you therefore we will not reimburse you for any losses through tax.

Commercial and Derivative rights

The Pixel Society is our own personal creation and we are completely open to you using it in your own commercial ways however we as the NFT creators own the rights to the individual layers which make up the NFT. We own the rights of our own traits therefore they will not be allowed to be used as a derivative in another project or in commercial use. If you own your own Pixel Society NFT you have all rights of using it in a commercial way whether that is through merchandise or physical artwork.

Not intended as investments

The Pixel Society NFT collection is not intended as an investment like buying a share in a company, our NFT's are created specifically as a membership access card to our private courses where you learn to grow your WEB3 influence. We are making no promises that our NFT's floor value will be higher from the time you purchased as we are solely focused on providing the best education for our members. All value in the market is unprecedented therefore if you intend to buy a Pixel Society NFT for an investment we are not responsible for any losses.

No future guarantees

The WEB3 landscape is a constantly evolving platform with new projects releasing everyday there are lots of different opportunities. As a project founder we want to provide the most value to our holders and without them we are nothing. Through this however we are making no guarantees or promises when you purchase a Pixel Society NFT you are exchanging your funds in return for a Non-Fungible Token piece of artwork created by us. The artwork will always be the primary store of value we provide in return, any future benefits must not be taken into consideration. We as a team are primarily focused on educating the best students in the WEB3 space.

Through minting/purchasing a Pixel Society NFT you are agreeing to the terms of services stated above.