The Art

"The Pixel Buddies Origin Story"
The Pixel Buddies which make up the Pixel Society are uniquely hand drawn with over 200 traits, overall the possibilities of combinations in the billions however we decided to maintain a core community at 3,333 NFT's to benefit our holders with the most value.

The Traits

"Propeller Hat"
Our artwork is inspired from playing old school pixel games such as Street Fighter, Terraria and even Minecraft! We thought to ourselves one day, "How could we incorporate this into an NFT project?" And this was how the idea of Pixel Buddies was born, from then we gathered concepts from all different worlds of Pop fiction, video games and streetwear to create 200 unique traits which make up the 3,333 Pixel Buddies.
"La flame shirt"
"Jason's mask"
"Psychedelic Goggles"
"Beer Hat"