Building Bridges

How we are providing true value in the space

The first NFT project which helps its holders grow in the WEB3 space.

Purchasing a Pixel Buddy NFT will grant the holder exclusive rights to our private membership in The Pixel Society. Here in the Pixel Society, we have gathered the most experienced individuals in the space to provide you with the most value in the NFT space to accelerate your growth as a Project founder or an influencer.

How would it work?

  • Holding a Pixel Buddy in a way is an access pass to our courses, we have many experts in different fields of WEB3 whether that is Coding, Discord, Twitter, or marketing.
  • These experts will be active in Discord consistently to support your journey and answer all your questions you may have.
  • Every week the team (founders and experts) will host a discussion on discord to answer all the questions you may need help with in terms of growth development in WEB3.
  • If you aren’t interested or don’t see the value you can always sell your access on the secondary market.
  • We want to create the Pixel Society, a space where those who hold will benefit the most in terms of knowledge and teaching.